Audi Earns Top Marks by Kelly Blue Book


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Kelley Blue Book released its report of the top three luxury and top three non-luxury brands with the lowest average Total Cost of Ownership for the initial five-year ownership period.

Based on Kelley Blue Book's analysis, Audi, Lexus, and Cadillac top all luxury brands, while Kia, Hyundai and Honda dominate among the non-luxury brands for lowest average total ownership costs.

Total Cost of Ownership is developed using Kelley Blue Book Residual Values to calculate depreciation costs. Depreciation plays the largest role in Total Cost of Ownership, followed by the cost of fuel during the ownership period. Kelley Blue Book calculates total ownership costs for new vehicles by applying a sophisticated valuation methodology along with critical financial data form third party providers.

By reviewing the Total Cost of Ownership for vehicles. consumers can better understand the overall financial implications associated with vehicle ownership through the initial five-year ownership period. Kelley Blue Book's Total Cost of Ownership report breaks down the typical maintenance and repair costs, state fees and more.

"The average vehicle typically maintains about 30% of its original MSRP after five years of ownership, whereas a handful of vehicles maintain more than 45% after the same time period," said Eric Ibara, director of residual value consulting for Kelley Blue Book. "The new Total Cost of Ownership data on is based on Kelley Blue Book residual Values, which are used by banks and manufacturers nationwide."

At the brand level, Audi and Lexus currently have the lowest depreciation and best fuel economy among luxury brands, giving them an advantage in low cost of ownership at the luxury level. In addition, Audi, Lexus, and Cadillac all offer models that carry a lower MSRP compared to other luxury brands. Combined with their entry-level vehicles, these brands stand out among their competitors for having low overall ownership cost. The A3 2.0T and A4 2.0T sedan models primarily drive Audi's Total Cost of Ownership success. Both edge out competitors with their minimal depreciation and stellar fuel economy.